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THIS is Success!

Mar 19, 2018

Stop Trying to be the Next Facebook or AIRBNB! Your Company Can Be HUGELY Successful and So Can You! And you don't have to be a 'unicorn'! 

One of the big questions you should be asking yourself (and answering!) is "what does success mean to me?"

With the rise of huge social media platforms and other Internet mega-corps, it's hard to ignore the constant reporting on the next tech darling or keep track of how many billions of dollars FaceTwitGram is worth these days.

(To be fair, with the news coming out in early 2018 of possible collusion in government elections, perhaps these social media companies are not the best examples to use right now!) 

In this episode, Part 1, we look at what it means to be a unicorn (and other oddly-named organization sizes), and start to ponder if it's all that important.

- Ryan @ MonMan & Netfloor USA