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THIS is Success!

May 3, 2018

Social media has been the downfall of many a poor businessperson. (And no, we're not talking about Mark Zuckerberg!)

Trying to get that coveted 500+ on LinkedIn is a waste of time.

Can you really have 3,000 "friends" on Facebook?

Unless you're Kanye West, do you actually think there are people, waiting with bated breath, for your next Tweet?

And Google+... uh.. well nevermind, nobody uses that, right? (j/k - I know one guy who does!)


You and your small-medium business are spending WAY too much time (and money) trying to get as many followers on social media as possible. And for most of you, it is a WASTE of time.. and money.

Do you really want people to see you as a 'social media butterfly', or do you want to earn the respect that comes with hard work; do you want to be known as a buttkicker?!?!

(We are keeping this PG, so yeah, we said BUTTkicker!)

Listen along and decide if we're doing things right or wrong. More importantly, decide if YOU are doing things like you should!


By the way, this is what MonMan does: We Grow Businesses.